What You Should Know About Purchasing a Luxury Home in Pasadena?

What You Should Know About Purchasing a Luxury Home in Pasadena?

Luxury properties are known for their unmatched elegance and comfort. If you want to enjoy the best amenities and access money can buy, you should consider a Pasadena luxury home. But what exactly should you look for? What makes a luxury home luxurious? The following guide reviews some tips for buying a luxury home in Pasadena and making the most of your investment.

Pasadena Real Estate

Pasadena real estate can be difficult to navigate for newcomers, which is why you should begin your search by hiring Pasadena real estate agent Garrett Chan to guide you. An agent familiar with the area will help you calculate, pay, and protect the 3 percent earnest money deposit home buyers must pay. Sellers in Pasadena may also cancel a home sale escrow, a risk your agent will help you navigate.

When buying a Pasadena luxury home, you must also buy Property Title Insurance. Your agent will advise you on the options and which works best for you. They will also arrange home inspections, including a physical and sewer line inspection, to get you the best deal possible.

Best Features of Luxury Homes in Pasadena

But buying a luxury home is about more than the paperwork. If you enjoy top-of-the-line luxury and opulence, you want the best amenities and features. Ask your agent to find you a home with the following hallmarks of a Pasadena luxury property:

Security Features

Always check the security features of a Pasadena luxury home before closing the deal. Your luxury home will be filled with expensive fixtures, furniture, and valuables, and you want to ensure they are safe. In some cases, you may find a property with 24/7 security or with security home systems that alert the authorities when there is a problem. Find the option that works for you.

Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Pasadena has lovely outdoors; you want a luxury home that highlights that. Many opulent properties in the area feature large outdoor cooking spaces with built-in grills and seating areas. You can also prioritize a pool, large bi-folding windows, and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.


Of course, the number of bathrooms you get will depend on the size of your home. Nonetheless, look for spacious bathrooms with large tubs, mirrors, and natural lighting. You may also consider chrome faucet knobs and shower heads, separate saunas, and large mirrors that double as TVs.


Kitchens in a luxury home are more than where food is made. They sometimes double as a hosting area. So, for your home, look for a large kitchen with enough space for more than one person. You should also insist on timeless designs and modern appliances.

Smart Home Features

Smart home systems deliver the convenience and ease that only technology can provide. Check if your home has motion sensor-controlled lights, thermostats you can adjust with your phone, and more.

Talk to Pasadena Real Estate Agent Garrett Chan

The location, features, and amenities of luxury properties are what make them pricier than other homes. And you don’t want to lose your investment on a sub-par property after paying for the best Pasadena has to offer. If you are looking for a luxury house, real estate agent Garret Chan can help you find the home of your dreams. His architectural interior design background will be useful as you review the world-class features and amenities. Call his office today to learn more.