Which are the Best Neighborhoods in Burlingame?

Which are the Best Neighborhoods in Burlingame?

Burlingame, California, is renowned as the “City of Trees,” thanks to the city’s aromatic eucalyptus, towering oaks, and sturdy elms planted throughout the city. This highly sought-after community is located just south of San Francisco and has a stunning bay view. Residents enjoy a high standard of living that combines city conveniences with the extra charm of a suburban lifestyle. If you are considering moving to Burlingame, here are some of the best neighborhoods to find homes for sale.

Burlingame Park

Burlingame Park features some of the most desirable luxury properties in the city. Expect a mix of older, classic architecture and modern elements from recently refurbished homes.

Lot sizes are often larger here, providing plenty of area for your outdoor living. If you have kids, you can add a treehouse or a play structure to your garden. If entertaining is your thing, you will appreciate the extra spaces for outdoor kitchens and patios. Besides, this neighborhood offers easy access to Burlingame Avenue for those who enjoy strolls to their preferred eateries and shops.

Mils Estates

Whereas Mills Estates caters to a more contemporary crowd, traditionalists will find numerous options as well. This Burlingame neighborhood is home to around 100 renowned Eichler homes, which are mid-century modern homes with a trademark center courtyard.

Mills Estates is also nestled in Burlingame’s magnificent hills, next to Mills Canyon Wildlife Area. Hikers will appreciate easy access to this picturesque park and looping hiking track. If you are looking for a tranquil neighborhood with beautiful bay views, Burlingame realtor advises looking into the expansive luxury homes and characteristic huge lots in Mills Estates.

Easton Addition

Easton Addition might be the perfect place for luxury home buyers seeking sleek, modern homes that require minimal renovations. Common architectural styles in this Burlingame real estate include Victorian, Colonia, and Craftsman.

Take your dog for a stroll or go for a morning run along these broad, leafy streets. You can also walk to neighboring parks, downtown Broadway Avenue stores, and the Burlingame Modern Library.

Ray Park

The lovely Ray Park neighborhood is home to vintage homes from the 1940s and 1950s with contemporary accents. Large single-level homes make up the majority of the luxurious residences in Ray Park, which makes it an excellent option for folks who prefer not to use stairs or for families with small children.

Besides, given Ray Park’s easy access to the freeway and public transportation system leading into San Francisco, this neighborhood might be the best choice for commuters. Residents can also enjoy walking the shaded pathways and using the neighboring tennis courts.

Oak Grove Manor

Oak Grove Manor is another long-standing and highly prestigious Burlingame neighborhood. Due to its proximity to neighboring Burlingame Avenue and the historic downtown center, Oak Grove Manor is also a relatively walkable neighborhood.

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as paddleboarding, picnics, and bicycling, the Coyote Point Recreation Area’s attractions are easily accessible. Oak Grove Manor is also adjacent to the Coyote Point Yacht Harbor, ideal for individuals who enjoy sailing or boating in the bay.

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