5 Best Types Of Furniture Polishing, Tested By Experts

5 Best Types Of Furniture Polishing, Tested By Experts

Wood is considered one of the most popular materials that’s been used for ages. Even though it is long-lasting and incredibly durable, it has to be protected from several factors, such as heat, water, and moisture. Here’s when furniture polishing works! Yes, you read it right. Furniture polishing helps protect the wooden surface from such damage while keeping it looking rich and elegant. It restores old wooden furniture and makes new pieces of furniture long-lasting. Furniture polish also acts as a protective layer for all pieces of furniture.

In this blog, we’ll talk about different types of furniture polishing with their amazing features. So, continue reading.

How Furniture Polishing Works?

Furniture polishing is available in different forms, such as pastes, lotions, creams, and waxes. No matter what the form is, every type of furniture polish makes the furniture shiny and lustrous. It gives a protective layer to the furniture to keep it safe from moisture and heat. It also makes furniture cleaning easier. Let’s walk you through the best furniture polishing types tested by cleaning experts:

Water-Based Furniture Polish

This type of furniture polishing is made by dispersing several chemical components in water. The most common components are polyurethane and acrylic. Water-based furniture polish is not just clear in appearance but also available in a wide range of glossy and matte finishes. Also, it doesn’t become yellow over time. Since this type of polish is environmentally friendly, it can be applied to both indoor as well as outdoor furniture.

Lacquer Furniture Polish

This is another popular type of furniture polishing and is known for its rich appearance. It comes in various options, such as acrylic lacquer, nitrocellulose lacquer, catalyzed lacquer, etc. Instead of being applied using a brush, lacquer polish is sprayed over the furniture surface. It gives a super glassy coating to the surface that is low-maintenance, water-resistant, and doesn’t become yellow with time.

Oil-based Furniture Polish

Oil-based furniture polish gives a gloss, luster, and a satin-like finish to any wooden surface. It is usually applied to the furniture placed in formal living rooms. Furthermore, this furniture polishing type covers up the scratches and cracks on the surface, giving it an elegant look.

Wax-based Furniture Polish

Made from ceresin, paraffin, dissolving wax, and Montana in oil, wax-based furniture polish is the most efficient and natural type of furniture polishing out there. It comes in both paste and liquid form and protects the furniture surface from all sorts of adversities like UV rays, moisture, water, etc.

Shellac Furniture Polish

Shellac can be applied on any type of furniture surface. Available in a wide range of color options, this type of furniture furnishing can also be used as a sealer and gives the wooden surface a glossy finish.

Which Furniture Polishing Type Is Better For Wood?

Oil-based furniture polishing provides a natural sheen to the wooden surface. Waxes give excellent protection to wooden furniture against wear and moisture. It is advisable to never mix two different furniture polishes on the same piece of furniture; otherwise, it will leave your furniture tacky.

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