Phoenix Contractor: How Often Should You Update a Kitchen?

Phoenix Contractor: How Often Should You Update a Kitchen?

Although most people tend to overlook the importance of updating a kitchen, you should remember that equipment and appliances will not last forever. After a while, the performance will start to diminish combined with the shine you got the first time you bought it. Therefore, you must invest in repairs and replacements that will make your kitchen more efficient.

When it comes to determining the best updates such as cabinets and countertops, you should understand that functionality is one of the most important factors you should remember. At the same time, some issues may not be as transparent as knob problems, for instance.

Therefore, you should stay with us to learn more about maintaining your kitchen and ensuring its replacement when the time comes. Let us start from the beginning.

How Often Should You Update Cabinets and Countertops?

How Often Should You Update Cabinets and Countertops

After long-term and heavy-duty use, you should remember that both countertops and cabinets will undergo wear and tear, similar to any other feature you have in a kitchen. At the same time, they have longevity, meaning they are not meant to last forever.

Of course, everything depends on the material, but we recommend you consider changing them at least once in ten to fifteen years. We can differentiate numerous signs that you should replace cabinets, for instance, if the doors cannot close completely, or shelves are starting to bend and buckle.

It does not matter whether it is functionality or you wish to revamp the aesthetic appeal, kitchen remodeling is essential after a specific time.


Although the functionality of cabinets can cause severe problems with the protection of your cookware, and affect storage, you should know that it is less likely for them to lose function. It does not matter how old they are. However, the feel and appearance can decrease the cooking space value, meaning you will notice specific cracks that will hold bacteria, for instance.

For instance, if the counter is cracked, stained without the chance to undergo repair, or features structural problems, it is time for a replacement. If you wish to learn more about countertops, we recommend you to click here for additional information.


When it comes to cabinets, they can be newer than countertops, and you may still decide to replace them. You can do it simultaneously to maintain consistency when it comes to design throughout the kitchen. Cabinet installation is much more important than countertops.

The moment you decide to install cabinets, you should check out whether countertops will fit on the new ones or will undergo severe damage as a result. It is vital to remember that remodeling your kitchen, requires understanding the style you wish to achieve. At the same time, the style depends on your vision.

If you are not certain what you wish to do with the rest of the kitchen, but you wish to get a new cabinet, you should choose the right style. For instance, the shaker style features a simplistic design that will meet your needs. That way, you can redo the entire thing, meaning you can implement modern or classic styles depending on your preferences.

Different Countertop Options You Can Choose

1.   Laminate

When it comes to laminate options, you should know that they feature sheets of plastic bonded to a particleboard. You can find them in numerous colors and styles. Compared with other types you can find on the market; laminate is the most affordable.

That is why people with low budgets choose to get it, especially since it can come in numerous forms and designs. However, you will get everything you paid for, meaning it is susceptible to damage, meaning it will start to split, scratch, bubble, and warp after a while.

2.   Marble

Marble is one of the most interesting and luxurious solutions you can choose especially when it comes to kitchen countertops. We are talking about the natural stone that comes from queries and then goes through processing with an idea to become a countertop afterward.

It features amazing aesthetics and a classic perspective. The main idea is to ensure you get a high-end and quality option that will stand the test of time. Still, it is challenging to maintain and purchase it, due to the high price tag. The rock can become porous, meaning the stains will soak up with ease, unless you decide to reseal it regularly.

It is not resistant to starching compared with other options you can find on the market. It is expensive to repair it after staining, scratching, or chipping marble, which is why you should avoid doing it in the first place.

Different Kitchen Cabinet Options You Can Choose

1.   Beaded

You should know that beaded cabinetry is similar to the cottage style, meaning you will get face-framed options. They feature drawer fronts, inset doors, and classic paneling combined with modern design around the drawing opening and each door.

The design features rounded edges and bead perspective, which will offer you frames within frames. That will define the outline of drawers and doors. You can attach the bead to the face frame, or drill it by using a router. Check out this guide: to learn how to design kitchen cabinets with ease.

The additional beads should be refined, which will provide you with a customized and personalized perspective. At the same time, beads will offer you a unique appearance. The vertical perspective will make the appearance worthwhile, while the paneling can provide you with a homely feel.

2.   Shaker

On the other hand, shaker cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in both modern and traditional kitchen styles. They will offer you a high standard when it comes to opportunities because they come with clean lines and a simple design. Combined with shaker cabinets, the style features five segments and a flat panel.

Generally, they are straightforward but aesthetically pleasing. Cabinet doors are cope-and-stick, meaning they feature smooth, and simple inside and outside edges. Most shaker doors feature five segments including the recessed panel, the horizontal piece at the top and bottom, stiles or vertical pieces, the recessed panel, and the center panel.

The horizontal aspects will join with the vertical at ninety degrees to provide you with a frame. In most cases, finishes are with basic hardware and light colors. The main idea is to achieve minimalism, which is why contemporary styles recommend this option.

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