Benefits Of Radon Mitigation System in Zionsville, IN

Benefits Of Radon Mitigation System in Zionsville, IN

Radon is a radioactive gas that can pose a severe health threat to your family if it’s not adequately mitigated. The EPA recommends mitigating homes with radon levels above four pCi/L. Mitigating your home involves sealing cracks in the foundation and installing an exhaust fan to draw the gas out of your home and vent it outside. The radon mitigation system in Zionsville, IN, also helps to prevent radon from entering your home in the future.

Most Homeowners Have Never Had A Radon Test, So They Don’t Know Whether Or Not Their Home Has A Radon Issue:

A radon mitigation system can be an investment that pays for itself. If the problem is severe enough, a mitigation system could prevent lung cancer from developing in your family.

A radon mitigation system in Zionsville works by venting out contaminated air using fans mounted on an exterior wall near an opening, such as garage doors, so fresh air from outside can come rushing into rooms where high levels have been detected.

Radon Is Colorless And Odorless, Which Means That You Can’t Detect It Without Testing For It:

Radon levels vary significantly from house to house and even from room to room within a single home. Suppose you suspect that there may be high radon levels in your indoor environment. In that case, one of the best things you can do is hire a professional who will perform testing during an inspection of your property with special devices capable of detecting this dangerous gas before problems arise from prolonged exposure.

When Radon Decays, It Emits Particles That Go Into The Lungs:

It is colorless and odorless and a gas that is present naturally in all soils and rocks. It comes up from the ground through cracks in concrete floors or walls to be released into your home through normal household activities like cooking, bathing, vacuuming, showering, and smoking. Inhalation of radon produces damaging effects on lung tissue that can lead to lung disease such as cancer.

Over Time, This Radiation Causes Damage To The Lungs, Similar To That Of Smoking Cigarettes:

When you breathe air with radon trapped inside your home or workplace by an inadequate ventilation system, it will enter your body through the nose or mouth. The radioactive particles then attach themselves to the lining of your lung walls, where they cause cancer over time if not removed by rigorous cleaning methods that professional companies provide.

Mitigating Your Home Involves Sealing Cracks In The Foundation And Installing An Exhaust Fan To Draw The Gas Out Of Your Home And Vent It Outside:

Installing a radon mitigation system in Zionsville, IN, in your home is the most effective way to protect yourself and your family from this naturally occurring radioactive gas. This involves sealing cracks in the foundation, installing an exhaust fan, drawing the gas out of your home, and venting it outside. A professional radon testing company can help you determine if you have high radon levels in your house.

If you live in an area with little risk of flooding or other natural disasters, consider purchasing flood insurance if you do not already have it through your homeowner’s policy.

Radon Mitigation Systems In Zionsville, IN, Are Relatively Inexpensive And Easy For Trained Technicians To Install:

It is possible that you could install the system yourself if you were aware of what steps to take and had all of the necessary tools. This can also be installed by a trained technician.


Preventing lung cancer from developing is essential for your health. That’s why it’s critical to test your home for radon and fix any issues before they become too serious.

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