A modern take on old-fashioned curtains, Voile curtains are made with pure, glowing fabric providing daytime privacy without blocking out the light. Voile curtains are knitted, which means the fabric has a super smooth texture that’s naturally sleek and effortlessly stylish.

Linen curtains are biased at the hem, so they drape stunningly whether they’re at windows or doors.

Where can Voile curtains be used?

  • Voile curtains are a lively product suiting lots of different kinds of windows, but where they work particularly hard is at large glass expanses.
  • A beautiful solution for French entrances, sliding doors, and bi-folds, Voiles creates a prominent finish without taking away from the sight.
  • They are also ideal for rooms that are ignored, as you can keep them closed during the day for much-needed secrecy.

Are this is just for the summer months?

  • Voile curtains are a smart choice for an all-year-round product.
  • They’re lightweight and floaty for the summer months, helping to long-winded the sunlight without falling your room into darkness, while in the winter they can be covered with other products such as thermal or blackout-lined curtains for a comfy and warm solution.

What header kinds are available?

  • A curtain header is how the fabric is stitched or pleated at the top of the curtain. The type of header you pick has a direct impact on the way the fabric shades or hangs but we’ve got lots of diverse options to suit any style.
  • For a new look at the window, choose a wave header. Making beautiful soft ripples in the fabric, this type of header is a great choice for Voile curtains at large glass regions as they can be easily tucked aside when not needed.

Can Voiles be covered with other products?

  • Combine Voile curtains with standard curtains from our made-to-measure variety. All our curtains are completely lined and there are thermal and blackout options if you are viewing for a solution to a specific problem.
  • Voile curtains also assemble beautifully with blinds, providing a luxurious feel and relaxing the overall look.
  • Choose an embargo lining for a Roman blind or a blackout Roller blind fabric for extreme control of light and privacy.

Many Purposes of Voiles

  • Voiles are light and airy and this enormously popular material can be used for anything from blinds to dresses to bed coverings. They come in a wide range of colors, textures, and mergers made from lightweight woven fabric, usually 100% cotton or cotton blends plus linen and polyester. And you can select to buy them ready-made or as lined voile curtains – whatever ensembles your purposes.
  • Voiles are ideal for greenhouses as well as lounges – anywhere where you may need to make the best use of the natural daylight but at the same time shield the interior of your home from direct sunlight.
  • There are many ways to customise your voiles – a variety of looks can be done, and after you’ve chosen the perfect material, there are different ways to swing them for the maximum effect.

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