What You May Not Know About Calacatta Quartz Slabs

These days, more and more people are using calacatta quartz slabs. These sophisticated, unique, and stunning stones add an elegant look to any space. But those who do not know about quartz calacatta from Granite au Sommet may wonder what they are. 

Calacatta quartz slabs are quite durable. They have a bright white colour that has vein-like patterns on them. A lot of homeowners use them because of their stain- and scratch-resistant features. Therefore, they can be used in copious places such as kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. 

The Colours Available

Calacatta is available in a bright white colour. Their veining can be available in various colours and hues. From blue to grey and from gold to brown, a lot of hues could make every slab stand out. Nowadays, Calacatta gold quartz is trendy because of its stylish appearance. Depending on where you buy the slabs from, you may be able to pick from different hues to complement the overall design and theme of your house. 

Benefits of Calacatta Quartz Slabs

Calacatta quartz slabs provide all the benefits of conventional quartz slabs. These include the following:

  • Durability. The surface of calacattta quartz slabs is not porous, which makes them sturdier than marble slabs. Also, they do not easily chip and scratch. They can last for many years without compromising on their appearance. 
  • Maintenance. While marble slabs must be sealed to maintain their condition, calacatta slabs do not require regular maintenance. You do not have to seal them, which means they can continue to look good for many years without extensive maintenance. 
  • Stain resistance. Calacatta quartz may not get stained after many years. Their non-porous surface prevents from them being stained by the colour filaments of food. Therefore, you can have a clean and elegant countertop for a long time if you use these slabs. 

Designs Options

Calacatta quartz slabs come with a clear white background and bold veining. They provide an attractive appeal to your kitchen countertop. Overall, they can give your kitchen a graceful outlook. Also, they complement nearly any kitchen theme. Having them in your kitchen allows you to get a feel of marble countertops. In addition, they are a practical option for kitchens because they are easy to clean and maintain. The best provider calacatta quartz slabs take the time to fine-tune your preferences. This way, you can get a quartz surface tailored to both your budget and needs. 

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