What Equipment Does Restoration 1 of North Atlanta Use?

What Equipment Does Restoration 1 of North Atlanta Use?

If you’re a homeowner in the North Atlanta area, you can trust Restoration 1 to provide superior service for property damage. This includes water and fire damage, mold remediation, sewage backup, and more. Read on to learn what equipment we use and how we can help you when you need it most.

Water Damage

Water damage can come from various sources, including flooding, storms, leaking pipes, malfunctioning appliances, etc. No matter what the source, Restoration 1 of North Atlanta can get your property back to normal.

The right combination of equipment, experience, and teamwork will help water damage repair go smoothly and quickly. The best way to make this happen is to call a professional team like Restoration 1.

If you suspect your home or business has water damage, you must hire a company to clean up the mess immediately. Doing this will help prevent the spread of mold and structural issues. In addition, taking care of these problems early will save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and irreparable destruction.

Fire Damage

Fires are among the most common causes of damage and loss to homes and businesses nationwide. Unfortunately, they can also be a pain to deal with and restore.

The team at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta has the tools, equipment, and knowledge to help your home or business get back on its feet after a fire. We’ll tackle everything from smoke and soot removal to mold remediation and reconstruction. Our state-of-the-art technologies and highly trained experts can make your home a more pleasant place to live or work again.

You will need a well-coordinated team to finish things quickly and effectively in a fire. That is why our fire damage team has been trained and certified to be ready when you need them most. Whether you are in the Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, or Suwanee areas, the fire damage experts at Restoration 1 of North Atlanta can make your home or business look and feel like it was just purchased.

Mold Remediation

What equipment does Restoration 1 of North Atlanta use to clean up mold in a home or business? They are equipped with all the tools necessary to ensure your property is free from harmful mold spores.

Once they clean up the mold, they will test spore levels in the air and your possessions to determine whether or not they have successfully eradicated the problem. This will allow them to issue a clearance testing certificate crucial for reconstruction and re-occupancy.

Next, they will seal off the contaminated area with plastic sheeting. This prevents spores from moving to other areas of the house.

This step is essential because if mold spores are not killed, they could spread throughout your home. Your restoration company may use a fan or dehumidifier to speed up this process.

A mold remediation team typically wears special protective gear to keep them safe during work. This includes booties, goggles, and a mask at a minimum.

Sewage Backup

Sewage backup can be as much of a threat to your home’s health and safety as it is a disaster. It can contaminate drinking water, food, and household items.

It can also deteriorate your basement’s floors, walls, and furniture. In addition, it can cause the growth of mold and mildew.

Some common causes of sewer pipe backups include clogs in drain and main sewer lines and invasive tree roots that grow into your plumbing system and destroy your pipe.

These issues are often preventable by using your toilet properly and not flushing cleaning wipes, diapers, or napkins. Keeping your kitchen grease and garbage disposals empty of waste is also helpful.

If your city’s public sewer lines are overwhelmed by heavy rains, the water can back up and contaminate your wastewater system. Therefore, it’s essential to call MAWC to report any sewage backup within 72 hours of it occurring. This will allow employees to investigate the problem and determine the best solution.