Living in Minnesota: 5 of the Best Neighborhoods in St. Paul and What They Have to Offer

Living in Minnesota: 5 of the Best Neighborhoods in St. Paul and What They Have to Offer

St. Paul is more tranquil and laid back than its twin city, Minneapolis. Home to just over 300,000 people, it boasts acres of green space, many outdoor recreational facilities, excellent schools, and a lot of history and charm. There is also a rich architectural selection of stunning homes in various styles and price points. If you are considering moving to and living in St. Paul, the area has over 17 neighbourhoods, each with something to offer. Here is a rundown of the best five.

Battle Creek Highwood: Suburb Close to Modern Amenities

Battle Creek Highwood offers a suburban lifestyle set away from any bustle but close enough to modern amenities. The St Paul Homes for Sale in this community are located amidst acres of green spaces and parks, including the famous Battle Creek Regional Park. Located east of the Mississippi River, Battle Creek Highwood is also highly walkable and convenient for commuters who need to get to Downtown St. Paul and the eastern suburbs.  

Macalester Groveland: College Town with Rich Architecture

Annexed in 1887, Macalester Groveland is an ancient neighbourhood located in Southwest St. Paul. It is also a college town, or at least has a college-town vibe, due to its large student population and proximity to the University of St. Thomas and Macalester College. The historic legacy of Macalester means you can look forward to a rich architectural palette. The town is also walkable and quiet, with many grand homes.  

Greater East Side: Family-Friendly and Affordable

The Greater East Side is the ideal neighbourhood for families. This large community is populated by tight-knit and friendly neighbours who add to the suburban and tranquil feel of the neighbourhood. Moreover, the Greater East Side is among the most affordable St. Paul neighbourhoods. The area experienced some economic decline in the mid-1900s but is now robust enough to offer family homes at friendly prices.

Highland Park: Safe Neighborhood with Stellar Food Scene

Safety is important to the people of Highland Park, and so is food. The safety levels and food scene are among the most notable traits of this neighbourhood. In addition to walkable streets, you can find many eateries and restaurants in this area. There are also various scenic views and outdoor recreational facilities you will need help finding elsewhere in St. Paul. The overall feel here is urban.

Como Park: Big City Vibe with Outdoor Facilities

If you prefer the big city life to a suburban feel, you will love Como Park. Como Park is an excellent fit for outdoor lovers who enjoy being in the city with plenty of entertainment, art, and culture options. Residents here enjoy easy access to Como Lake and Como Regional Park, where the activities are just as captivating as the views. That said, the area is generally quiet.

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With 17 neighbourhoods, the St. Paul real estate market is brimming with variety. St Paul has a million things to do, and each neighbourhood boasts its fair share. If you are ready to find your new St. Paul home, contact Sally English for an extensive collection of exclusive listings. Sally has years of experience in the local market and will help you find your dream home.