How to make your garden wildlife-friendly for summer

How to make your garden wildlife-friendly for summer

If you are planning some garden renovations and looking to ensure that you are being wildlife friendly, we have some top tips. Whether you are undertaking a simple garden revamp or a full excavation using a demolition London company, we have some handy hints and tips for you.

Install a nature pond

If you are lucky enough to have a large outside area, consider dedicating some space to install a pond. This is the perfect way to create a beautiful focal point in your garden whilst also providing a thriving wildlife habitat. You could expect to attract many different wildlife species including: –

Dragonflies – dragonflies love to be surrounded by water and will often travel for miles to reach some. Providing these beautiful creatures with a safe space will ensure that your garden becomes a wonderful place to view dragonflies up close, in all their different colours and sizes.

Frogs and toads – frogs and toads will be attracted to water to rest and lay their eggs. Frogspawn and toad spawn is a beautiful addition to your pond and makes for amazing viewing as the spawn hatches and turns into tadpoles and then frogs or toads.

Newts – newts are stunning creatures and attracting these helps to ensure that the species is protected. Be sure to create plenty of rockery stones and safe hiding places around the edge of your pond for frogs, toads, and newts to set up their homes.

Birds, animals, and insects – birds, animals, and insects will all enjoy taking a dip in your pond or quenching their thirst on hot summer days.

Create wildflower areas

Planting wildflower areas and introducing plants that attract pollinators to your garden is not only good for attracting bees, but it can also help to ensure that your fruit and vegetables are pollinated and that they achieve bumper crops. Keep an area of your garden un-mowed to allow wildlife to thrive and flourish.

Erect a greenhouse to grow your own produce

Consider erecting a greenhouse in your garden. This may require some level of excavation and demolition if you don’t already have a clear and flat area of ground, but it is worth it when thinking about growing your own produce. A greenhouse will allow you to start seedings in a warm and safe area, before planting them outside into vegetable beds.

Build bee and insect hideaways

Installing a birdhouse is a wonderful way of giving our feathered friends a safe place to nest. Keen bird watchers will appreciate the regular chance to observe any new ‘tenants’ to the birdhouse. Consider using hollowed-out pieces of wood, canes, and branches to create bee and bug houses. A welcome place for critters to hide! Young children will also love investigating these to see which new bugs they can discover. Perfect for rainy day activities.

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