A Homeowner’s Manual to Home Window Repair

A Homeowner’s Manual to Home Window Repair

Home windows can develop a number of issues, such as a shattered window frame, fractured glass, or a hazy pane. While changing the windowpane is the simplest of all repairs, there are various additional issues that necessitate care and should be taken care of right away in order to maintain the windows’ maximum performance and lower maintenance expenses.

Let’s go over the many window-related issues and practical home window repair solutions.

Tempered windows

The pane, or glass, is a crucial component of the window; any break or damage on it increases security risks and lets outside air enter the house. Therefore, a broken pane should not be ignored.

How can glass window cracks be repaired?

  • To keep the glass unbroken and stop water seepage, cover the crack on both sides of the pane with a piece of tape, such as clear packaging tape or concealing tape. 
  • Solvent-based glass adhesives can also be used to fix the cracks; just make sure the tape reaches past the crack and presses it firmly against the glass. The glass is held together by the glue, which seeps into the cracks.

How is window glass replaced?

The best course of action is to replace the glass in cases of more severe damage or completely cracked windows.

Measure the frame’s dimensions before hiring a nearby shop to cut the glass. Inquire about a double-thick glass. 1/8 inch smaller than the measured size in both directions. A double-thick glass has the advantage of being more durable than a single-thick glass because the latter is more prone to breaking.

How to fix the window’s glass

  • Take out the window fragments, then clean the frame’s old putty. Clean the frame with a wire brush and a moist towel. After letting it dry, treat the rabbet with linseed oil to help the putty adhere firmly.
  • It is necessary to replace the sealing tapes on double-glazed panes. Remove and replace the old caulking as well. Rubber gaskets, however, can be kept if they are not damaged, dried out, or brittle.
  • To seal the glass into the frame, use glazing putty. Putty should be rolled into a rope that is three to four inches thick. Gently apply it to the frame’s four corners.
  • Press the glass firmly yet gently into the putty bed.
  • To hold the glass in place and smooth the finish, use a putty knife.


A further significant issue that requires prompt care is condensation on the window glass. Condensation typically happens in low-temperature environments with warm interior air and insufficient ventilation. It is preferable to increase the room’s airflow to prevent it from getting worse. Replacing the glass is the sole option, though, if it is completely hazy and damaged. 

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